sproutFrank has been a preacher for 47 years.  Beulah has been a great support and has been involved in various ladies ministries and student work, and has been an untiring hostess to countless visitors.

Beulah also helps to manage Frank’s radio ministry.  We are now on 23 different Radio stations in South Africa and a few African countries.

Frank continues to preach at different places week by week with the odd conference or seminar thrown in.  Frank goes wherever he is invited regardless of the denomination.

Frank and Beulah have a Bible study group in their home on Wednesday evenings, where a large crowd of Christians meet for teaching, fellowship and friendship.

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  1. Gabriel AlexanderApril 29, 2017 at 8:57 am #

    It was a priveldge and a tremendous Blessing to have had the opportunity to attend one of the bible studies whilst I was in South Africa for my mum’s 93rd birthday. I took my grandson of 24yrs along with me as he’s never been to South Africa and it was the first time in my life That I had the opportunity to take my grandson with me to Worship The Lord as he lives on the Gold Coast and I live on Lake Mcquarie. Frank made us feel so Welcome and informed the congregation of how special it is to have been friends since the early days of St James.Frank you have always been an inspiration to my family and myself. Thank you for setting such great examples of bow we as Christians should live. We left your home feeling truly Blessed .May The Lord Bless Beulah and Yourself in all your undertakings. God Bless ,Gabriel and Jourdan.

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