Festo Kivengere – Frank Retief




Kivengere was a man of his age. Neither he nor the churches around him were perfect, but they had experienced God in an unusual way. Our day may demand more accurate theological thinking than his, although we cannot deny that Festo did indeed read deeply, extensively and constantly in very solid theological material. Yet for all that, Festo Kivengere has a great deal to teach us about personal love for Christ, unflagging belief in the power of the cross to save people and great endurance to the end.


‘…Frank Retief’s account is concise, gripping, heartwarming and challenging – and not just for Africans. Kivengere’s story is a window on the East African Revival. Those who imagine Christianity to be a Western religion should know of it, and see how wrong they are.’
–Dr. David Seccombe, Principal, George Whitefield College in Cape Town

‘…As the reader embarks on the adventure of re-discovering the courage and the passion of Kivengere’s life, he is constantly reminded of just how the true church of Jesus has always grown: through the passionate reaching of Christ and him crucified!…’
–Rev. Dr. Mark Norman, Rector, St John’s Church Queenswood, Pretoria.