Luke 9 verse 37-45

Luke 9 verse 41. “O unbelieving and perverse generation,” Jesus replied, “how long shall I stay with you and put up with you? Bring your son here!”

What a contrast of scenes is presented to us here. From the glory of the transfiguration they travel back down the mountain to a scene of squalor and demonic oppression.

This incident is recorded also in Matthew 17 vs 14-20, and in Mark 9 vs 21-24. Luke leaves out some of the details of the other two Gospel writers but includes some of his own. For instance, Luke tells us the boy was his father’s only son, (very poignant given that culture and time in history). In fact the father bases his appeal to Jesus on this fact. (He is my only child v 38). And Luke also adds the detail that when the boy was cured that Jesus “gave him back to his father” (v 42).

There is a lot of meaning captured in these small phrases – a unique relationship, a special affection of a father for his only son, the anguish of the father’s heart to see his son in convulsions, screaming and foaming at the mouth. This demon possession and its symptoms literally tore the boy from his father’s arms. But what relief when he is cured to see the wonderful outcome. The boy is restored to his father and that special relationship is restored to full normality.

Only once he has recorded that, does Luke tell us about the reaction of the crowd – “And they were all amazed at the greatness of God” (v 43). Some translations have “the majesty of God”. So when Christ came down from the mountain where the majesty of God was seen, he brought some of that glory into the distress of the world and in this way human beings were given a glimpse of that Majesty of God that seeks salvation for his creatures.

These great miracles also act as parables or illustrations of the human condition so although this miracle actually happened, it nevertheless also shows us how much in bondage the human heart is to darkness and demonic influences. The twisted and contorted boy reminds us how twisted and contorted human life has become under the power of sin. We all need a Saviour.

Thank God we have one. He is the same One who banished the demons from this boy. He is Jesus Christ our Lord.