palm leaf

Romans 8:15

“For you did not receive a spirit that makes you a slave again to fear, but you received the Spirit of Sonship.”


It would be very difficult to think of a higher privilege than the one described in today’s bible verse. To receive the Spirit of Sonship is an unimaginable gift from God. Just think of what we are by nature. We are rebels and hostile to God. According to Romans 8:6 our minds, our thinking processes are filled with the stench of spiritual death – not life. No matter how lively, intelligent, even intellectual we may be – we are dead to God and to life. That is how we are by nature. Even if we wanted to please God we are unable to do so (Romans 8:8). We do not have the spiritual strength to change ourselves or turn ourselves. God, Himself, must do that for us.


But in fact God does far more than that for those who trust in Christ. He gives us the Spirit of Sonship. From rebels and unbelievers, His great grace sweeps us up and He bestows upon us this indescribable gift of “Sonship”. This is a reference to the closest and most intimate relationship of all. God becomes our Father and we are able to address Him as such. By the Holy Spirit we can call Him Abba – Aramaic for Father, and furthermore the Holy Spirit works within us in such a way that we receive an inner assurance that we are God’s children. This means that our entire spiritual framework as it used to be is discarded and a new framework is put in its place that gives us a deep sense that we belong to Him. Assurance without confusion, salvation without confusion and conversion without confusion



O God. How can I ever praise and thank you for this great privilege of belonging to you? Take my life and let it be always consecrated to thee.