John 1 vs 11-13. He came to that which was his own but his own did not receive him.


People often claim that if there is a God, then he is completely indifferent to human pain and tragedy. If only God would show up and take some responsibility, some say, it would help a lot of people to believe in him!


But he does care, and he cares very deeply. He could not care more than he did therefore He came to us and “enfleshed” Himself. He set up his home among us (John 1:14). The problem was that when he came he was ignored.


Verse 11 above, points to a great tragedy – “his own did not receive him”. His own people rejected him. There lies great failing and perversity in the rejection of the Messiah by Israel when they had waited for centuries for Him. It brought tears to the eyes of Jesus (Luke 19:41) and to the apostle Paul it brought great sorrow and unceasing anguish to his heart (Romans 9:2).


But we have no grounds whatever for pointing fingers because what Israel did, we do too. We harden our hearts and refuse to accept the One who was sent to us from Heaven. In spite of much evidence and many opportunities to respond to Him. We discover it is in our hearts to reject him.


But not everyone rejected Him. Some received Him, believed on Him and became children of God. This does not refer to a sentimental trust in Him but rather a dynamic acceptance of who he is and what he claims to be. The Word “believe” means a dedication of one’s life to Him. This is true of both Jews and Gentiles who believe in Him and received Him as God’s Son.


Notice how universal this salvation is. “All” who believe. From the worst to the best of us, we are all lost if we do not believe in Him, but when we do, from the worst to the best of us, we are saved.


And notice the status that becomes ours. “He gives the right to become children of God”. This is indescribable. It is far above the pathetic scramble for identity we are so used to in our broken world. “Children of God!” Wow!


And notice the sovereign Grace of God at work in verse 13. This is not a human thing. It is a divine act of immense love to us that our believing in Jesus is a result of God’s Sovereign action upon our hearts, minds and wills.

He loves us today because He has always loved us from eternity. And that is why we can be sure He will love us tomorrow too.



Can you describe the immensity of God’s love? Can you think of why He should love you? No, I am sure you cannot as I cannot. But we are sure He does and our certainty lies in the Person of Christ who came to us as our uncommon King.