Matthew 27 v 18 For he (Pilate) knew that it was out of envy that they had handed Jesus over to him.


Our uncommon King commanded an uncommon love for some of those who followed him or were blessed by his good and kind deeds towards them. But He also elicited an uncommon hatred from his enemies, which was irrational, without cause or warrant and finally resulted in his death.


If you compare the four Gospel accounts of the conversations between the Jewish leaders who sought Christ’s downfall, and the Roman leadership of the day, you will soon realize that not only did they have no cause to condemn him, but they also had plenty of time to change their minds.


Our Lord was not a murderer, robber, blasphemer, nor did he denounce the scriptures. In fact He affirmed them. His life was a life of love. He committed no transgression against God or man. And yet he was hated intensely and his enemies never rested until he was dead.


Why did they hate Him so? The answer is simple. They hated the light – the exposure of their own hypocrisy, evil, self-righteousness, pride and ultimate spiritual emptiness.


Christ was righteous and they were wicked . He testified against their sins, but they were determined to hold on to their sins and justify themselves.


We have here a picture of the total complaint of his nature. Some people feel that if they met the perfect man they would follow him. They often complain about the hypocrisy of professing Christians. But when the perfect man appeared on earth, he was rejected, hated and put to death.

Never be surprised by the level of hostility to Christ in this world. Remember human hearts are deceitful and capable of anything.


So let us guard our own hearts and remember that for generations He has been loved by millions, many of whom laid down their lives for Him.


Meditation: Read John 15 v 18 – 25