2 Corinthians 13:5

“Examine yourselves to see whether you are in the faith: test yourselves”


I do not know if the following story is true nor can I remember where it came from, but it goes like this. Billy Graham, the great preacher, was in a plane when a fellow passenger recognised him. He came over quite drunk to shake his hand and said: “Hello Billy! I am one of your converts”. To which Billy Graham replied: “I guess you are one of my converts. If you were God’s convert you wouldn’t be drunk”.


A small story to indicate a great truth. Not everybody who says they are Christians are in fact Christians. In fact the life-style of many who claim to be followers of Christ often leave others utterly confused. In addition, there are those who do sincerely want to be disciples of Jesus who often have all kinds of struggles they never expected and then wonder if their conversion to Christ was real.


Conversion to Jesus, or as the bible sometime describes it, turning to Jesus, is a real and necessary part of the drama of personal and spiritual salvation. But sometimes things can be confusing, so in the following days I hope to clarify some matters for you so that you may know you are truly converted and not merely confused.



O God, please give me understanding about what it means to be truly converted to Jesus and help me to live for Him.