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Bible Verse: Luke 7:40

“Jesus answered him, “Simon, I have something to tell you”

Jesus told Simon a parable about two debtors who both had their debts forgiven. One was a small amount, the other large. Who would be the most grateful? Obviously the one with the large debt.

The point Jesus made was that the size of the weeping woman’s “debt” was very large and it could be discerned in all she was doing for him


But the Pharisee himself considered his “debt” very small by the lack of respect he showed Jesus as a guest in his home (v 47)

Then Christ as the great Creditor with the authority to forgive sins said to the woman: “your sins are forgiven”.

Poor Simon. It was hard for him to realise that what Jesus was saying was that he placed no value on Jesus because he did not see himself in debt to God. But the street woman saw her great debt to God and so greatly valued Jesus, the Son of God who came to forgive sins.

Of course to receive his forgiveness one must believe in Him and who He says He is. No right thinking person would simply accept a word of forgiveness from a total stranger unless He showed His credentials. The miracles of Jesus were enough for her. He was who he said he was. He spoke; she believed and was immediately forgiven and freed from her lifestyle.

The irony is that Simon was as much a prisoner of his lifestyle as she was of hers. He could not see who Jesus was so to all intents and purposes remained a prisoner to spiritual blindness.

This is also an indication of Luke’s concern for the poor and for women in society. Here he reminds us of a great compassionate Saviour who is a Saviour and a Forgiver to all who turn to Him, no matter how badly they have fallen.

Jesus’ words to the woman could be words to us too: “Your sins are forgiven”.

Maybe you need to hear these words desperately.

Only, you must believe in Him and accept His Word.

Prayer:- Dear Lord, how easily we deceive ourselves and how quick we are to think too well of ourselves. Please help me to remember what my heart is really like. Amen.