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Exodus 20:16. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbour.


This commandment is also a protection for our marriages. Why? Well, when one spouse begins to insult the other the words used are usually slander and falsehood. This kind of verbal battering can do untold harm as the abused spouse crumbles inside. Apart from any other consideration this behaviour is an infringement of this commandment.


This means that we have to recognise something we often overlook. Our spouse is also our neighbour. The word “neighbour” refers to every other human being. Why should a spouse lose his/her right to be a human being worthy of respect just because she/he married you?


All that we are expected to do by way of kindness and consideration for our neighbour next door we are expected to do for the “neighbour” to whom we are married. Even more so because of the covenantal relationship of marriage.


This commandment also implies that we must not lie about the Gospel message. False teachers, leaders of different sects, preachers in pulpits who do not believe the inerrancy of the Gospel story – are all liars. Many people are in sin and bondage because of their words. When you as a Christian speak to others you must always be sure to tell people that Jesus is the only Saviour.


One day we will all stand before Jesus and there will be no concealing of sins. He will examine us and if we are found to be washed in His precious blood we shall be permitted to enter the Kingdom of God. But if He finds out that we have been hypocrites and liars, and that we have been living in a way that has defamed His name, He will execute judgement upon us. We will be sent from His presence into everlasting darkness.


How wonderful to know that one of the changes Christ brings to the heart of those who turn to Him is a love for the truth. We soon discover that the most comfortable way to live is to be truthful in all things. God’s law is wise and right and to obey Him is the way of peace.



Do you value your spouse enough not to hurt them with words? Do you give the impression to others of living an honest life? Are you growing spiritually? Is the Church you attend a church that honours the true Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ?