debbie 3

Mark 10:20

“Teacher,´ he declared, “all these I have kept since I was a boy.”


Still staying with youthful experience. I do concede that very often the early religious experiences some have, are not pleasant. Some may say: “Since I was a boy I was forced to go to Sunday School” or “I was in boarding school when I was made to go to chapel each Sunday” or something similar.


Of what value is an argument like this? Well it is important to recognise some early experiences may be very uninspiring but it does not let you off the hook. No matter what may or may not have transpired when you were young, you are now an adult and can think clearly.


Your need of a Saviour remains the same and it’s up to you to think through your earlier experiences and evaluate them properly. You must know that those early years may not have presented you with the true Gospel, or else maybe you just missed it. But whatever happened then, you are confronted now by the crucified and risen Christ. He does not offer you religion as you experienced it, but rather Himself as your Saviour. Will you follow Him? Do not let the confusing experiences of youth hold you back.



O God, for years I have held you at arms’ length because I could not face more religion. Now I see that what you offer me is much greater. Please free me from my early impressions and help me to truly follow you.