Exodus 20 v 2 I am the Lord your God.


The name of the Lord – Yahweh – is the great name by which God reveals Himself and sets forth His great majesty and power. It is a name that signifies the self-sufficiency of God. He is eternal, independent, and unchanging.


But notice that this Great God is described as “your” God. This is a signal to us of something very great for our lost race of people. This great God could just as easily have left us in our darkness and blindness to go on our merry way into eternity. Instead He has intervened to save His people.


God saved His people then by delivering them from slavery in Egypt. It was a great and mighty Salvation. The first Passover night ever held by the Jews could never have been conceived of by any human mind. God’s people were freed and off they went into the desert.


Thus He became their God. He revealed Himself to these desert wanderers and afterwards the unfolding story of Israel is recorded for us all in Holy Scripture.


But what about us? How does He become our God? Is it possible for us with all our weaknesses, doubts and sin to ever call Him OUR GOD? Yes indeed it is. For today He becomes our God through the great redemption brought about by His Son our Lord Jesus Christ who died on the Cross for us. The redemption from Egypt thousands of years ago was meant to prefigure this – to point to it. And now all who turn to Christ for salvation are adopted into God’s Great family and we can truly call Him OUR GOD


But we must not be presumptuous and simply assume that He is our God. We must make sure He is so, by consciously embracing His Son, as our personal Saviour.


Have you done this?


Prayer: Oh God, while there are many who live in darkness, we have the privilege of calling you “OUR GOD”. Help us to share the news of redemption with others so that they too may enter into the light. Amen