fish netMark 8 v 24

“He looked up and said: “I see men as trees walking around.”


The story recorded in Mark 8:22-26 is most instructive for us. When Jesus touched the blind man’s eyes the first time, he was not completely healed. He needed another touch from Jesus to enable him to see. Our Lord allowed this to happen so that we may be helped to understand how the great dynamics of salvation work.


The truth is that not everyone sees it all or understands the Gospel message of God’s Son dying on the Cross for us, first time around. Sometimes it takes more than one telling of the story for the whole picture to develop. In a spiritual sense we are able to sometimes only “see men as trees walking around”. But the story is not clear to us. We don’t get it all. Maybe that is where you are now. You see and understand a certain amount. But the full truth of Jesus making it possible for you to be reconciled to God has not struck you. Thus conversion can be confusing. But the great thing is to know that you would understand nothing at all if God were not at work in your life. So the fact that you can see and understand something is an indication that God is doing something in you. That is a great encouragement. Reach out to Christ now and ask Him to save you fully and to give you full understanding and assurance.



O God of Light. You have given me some understanding of the Gospel. There is so much I still have to learn. Please help me. Have mercy on me and give me more light and understanding.