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Bible Verse: Luke 7:49

“The other guests began to say among themselves. “Who is this who even forgives sins.”

This was, of course, a correct question to ask. Jesus had just pronounced words of forgiveness to a woman of the streets. He had done so in public, in the place where people were gathered who would not have thought she was eligible for forgiveness.

Of course Jesus’ miracles were well known and one would have thought that to witness Jesus at work in miracle and word would have convinced them. But not so. In fact Luke starts this chapter with two remarkable healings – one for a Roman Centurion, another untouchable, and then he raises a widow’s son to life, another woman in need.


But we must never underestimate the blindness of the human heart, nor its hardness. So in spite of all this evidence they still ask: “Who is this who even forgives sins”.

People often say that if they could see a miracle, they would believe. But this is not true. Plenty of people saw miracles in Jesus’ day yet still did not believe. Why not? The answer is simply hardness of heart.

But there is a real and relevant question here. We too must ask on what basis Jesus has the authority to forgive sins. The answer is that He was to die on the Cross for us to make it possible for God to forgive our sins. This event still lay in the future but it was nevertheless on the basis of what He was going to do on the Cross that Jesus could pronounce forgiveness to this person.

It is only because of His death on the Cross that forgiveness could be had at all, by anybody. So the efficacy and the power of His work on the Cross stretched backwards to those who were forgiven before Calvary, forwards into all the centuries for all who would still believe in Jesus.

But now the question must be asked: “Have you yourself responded to the momentous event of the crucifixion of Jesus?”

Do you see that, as God’s answer to your sin and alienation from Him?

Whoever you are and whatever you have done there is a Gracious Saviour who will turn none away, who come to Him.

Have you come to Jesus or are you still wandering in darkness?

Prayer:- Heavenly Father, how can we ever thank you enough for sending Jesus for us. By faith we receive the forgiveness of our sins because of Him and praise you for this great blessing. Amen.