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Luke 10 v 21. “…..Yes, Father, for this was your good pleasure.”

Why should God bother with any of us at all? He is so big and we are so small. We are nothing in this universe. We have no significance whatever.

Wrong! We do have significance. We are His creation. He Himself has placed a value on us. So great a value in fact that He sent His Son to rescue us from final judgement.

But why does He bother? We are such obstinate and sinful people? The only reason we are given is that it was the Father’s good pleasure. This is an amazing statement. We have no reason given for God saving any of us other than his own desire to do so. Our salvation is rooted in his love, grace and pleasure. It is entirely sovereign. There are no other causes which we can track down in scripture.

There are those people who think that God must have some grounds upon which He makes his eternal decisions, but we are not told of any. There is nothing in us that could persuade God to love us or save us. We remain his unremitting enemies unless He intervenes to change our hostility. Our salvation from beginning to end is His Grace and His Grace alone.

He is the God who hides and reveals. Thank God that you have been given ears to hear and that he has enabled you to understand His great salvation.