kirstenbosch 5

Luke 3 v 22. And a voice came from, heaven “You are my son, whom I love, with you I am well pleased”.

This affirmation from God comes right at the beginning of Jesus’ ministry. It would help the reader to read the whole of chapter 3 to catch the flow of the passage. First notice the power of the ministry of John the Baptist. Is it possible that John is the Christ? No, not me, says John, but someone more powerful than I. And then one day Jesus appears before his relative, John, to be baptised and a voice from heaven identifies Him as the Son of God.

But you will notice that Luke goes into a human genealogy of Jesus ending with the words “….Son of Adam, Son of God.” ( 3 v 32). What does this mean?

Remember what Luke is doing. He is writing to help Theophilus to come to true faith in Christ. Having described him as THE SON of God, Luke goes on to his human nature where he is simply – son of God, like Adam.

Adam was a ‘son’ in the sense of being the first created being. He was human. But Jesus came as the new Adam. He took on the flesh and frailty of the descendants of Adam. In other words though he is God, he became a man. He came to undo what the first Adam did and to restore the world to its original glory.


“So then Theophilus”, Luke might have said. “In my investigation I discovered this unusual fact about Jesus.” He was affirmed as THE SON OF GOD from Heaven, indicating His divine origin. But then through the lineage of “the one who was thought to be his father, Joseph, he is a son of God in a human sense as Adam was. So he has two natures, both human and divine. And I have carefully investigated these things.”


So do not be ashamed of Jesus. Be upright and forthright in what you believe. He is so great we need not be doubtful of him, nor ashamed. No matter how ridiculous it sounds to others, we believe in the divine/human Saviour. The only one who can save us from our sins.