shore 2

Deuteronomy 6 v 8. Love the Lord your God with all your heart…


This is an all encompassing requirement from God – ALL your heart! But all your heart? What does that actually mean? Well basically it means total sincerity. We do not allow hearts to be divided by other things. This does not mean of course, that we do not love husbands, wives, children, sweethearts, as well as God. Of course not! But the love of God is a hugely higher type of love. It is a wholehearted love of the inner you, for the One who is so excellent and has revealed His excellence to us.


We do not love God merely because He provides us with our daily needs, or comforts us in our distresses, but we love Him for His own perfections which shine in Him.


We love Him with all our might, that is with all the strength we have, and even our best strength doubled or tripled could not love Him as much as He deserves.


But just as human love seeks to serve the one who is loved, so too, true love for God will get us active in doing good things that will reflect His goodness and glory.

Do you remember the occasion when Jesus restored Simon Peter on the seashore, after the resurrection? Do you recall how Simon Peter denied Jesus before the crucifixion? What was the question Jesus asked Simon, on the occasion? It ran like this


Do you love me more than these? John 20 v 15

Do you truly love me? John 20 v 16

Do you love me? John 20 v 17


If we love Him, all other issues in our Spiritual lives are impacted . Of course we will serve Him, sacrifice for Him, forgive others for His sake – why? Because we love Him.

But do we love God?


Prayer: O God, on this question I always feel guilty. Please restore my love for you and please increase it so that I may serve you sincerely. Amen.