Psalm 42 v 2 My soul thirsts for God, for the living God.When can I go and meet with God?


Although this Psalm is written for the devout Israelite who appears to be undergoing trials, the hunger for God and his presence is nevertheless true of all who belong to Him.

How can we check ourselves to see whether there is true love after God in us or not? We receive help at this point from Thomas Watson one of the old Puritan theologians of the 17th century. He offers 7 days to examine ourselves to see whether true love for God is in our heart.


1. We thirst for Him, as the Psalmist says in the verse quoted above. A desire to be in His presence, drinking in His companionship marks us out as belonging to Him.


2. We cannot find ultimate contentment in anything else. Hypocrites sometimes pretend to love God, but if misfortune strikes then their true character soon emerges. We may say we love God but really want the blessings He bestows upon us. Such as the provision of our daily needs and good health. But the true believer wants God for Himself, because of who He is, and not what He can do for us.


3. Hatred of all that would separate us from God. Sin makes God hide His face, therefore Christians attempt to steer clear, and rather say with the Psalmist “I hate every wrong path”. (Psalm 119 v 28)


4. We are in sympathy with God’s cause. When others sin and blaspheme His name, our so called believers betray Him in some way, we grieve with Him for the dishonour heaped on Him.


5. We attempt to make God attractive to those who do not know Him. We want Him glorified and honoured and admired so we behave and speak in a way that will attract others.


6. We grieve at our own spiritual deadness and our loss of the sense of His presence.


7. We are willing to suffer for Him. As Jesus said we die to ourselves, take up our Cross and follow Him. We submit to His will whatever that entails.


Prayer: O God, help me to be honest with myself and to keep a regular check on my spiritual life. Give me grace to live right and to enjoy your presence. Amen