Luke 12 v 3. “What you have said in the dark will be heard in the daylight, and what you have whispered in the ear in the inner room will be proclaimed from the roofs.”


The opposition to Jesus described in the last verse of the previous chapter must have been a frightening situation for the disciples to witness, and they may well have been tempted to disguise their allegiance to Jesus. So Jesus teaches them not to be afraid of acknowledging him publically, however scary it may be. He also teaches them how to cope with their fear.


He tells them not to hide what they really believe, because that is hypocrisy. The basis for Christ’s warning is that in the end all will be revealed and all secrets will be known.


In chapter 11 v 33 Jesus warned us against so hardening our hearts that God’s truth could not penetrate our inner darkness. Here Jesus warns us of an opposite truth – the danger of refusing to allow the light of God which has penetrated our hearts to get out and be known publicly.


But how do we cope with the natural fear we all have to be open about our faith? The answer is to make sure we fear the things that ought to be feared the most. When that happens we lose our fear of lesser things.


It is frightening to be threatened by people who can kill our bodies. Remember that after that there is nothing more they can do. But do not let opposition ever cause you to play the hypocrite or deny God – because God can do infinitely more. He has the power to throw or cast into hell (v 5). He is the One we must fear. The bigger fear delivers us from the smaller fear.


Pause there for a moment. It is not that Jesus was promoting we live our lives dominated by fear but rather that we get the right perspective on life. All of us who are believers have been marginalised or opposed in some way or another for our faith. What our Lord reminds us of is that God is bigger than the bullies. We would rather be in the right with God and face the bullies, than be in the right with the bullies and then face God.


Be true. Be strong. Trust Him and stand for what you believe.