Luke 11 v 2 Hollowed be your name.

“Father” is such a welcoming name to give to God. It is intimate and personal. He is Creator of all people, but He is not Father of all. He is primarily the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ and in Christ, He becomes our Father as well.

It is true that for many people the notion of fatherhood has been spoiled by their earthly experiences of fatherhood. But whatever negative experiences one may have had, it is important to realize that they are not the real thing. God our Father is the true Father. He is full of light, love, benevolence, kindness and good intentions to all his children.

That is why His name should be “HALLOWED” glorified, respected, loved, honoured all over the earth. In fact as creator His name should be honoured and hallowed – or set apart from other names – by all of creation.

We know this is not happening therefore we shall pray like Jesus prayed – that God’s name will be known, loved, magnified in all spheres.

Now, if Gods name was to be glorified in each sphere, how would that look? Well, think for instance about your own family. To honour and glorify God means that you and your spouse would be committed to treating each other in a way that promotes God’s glory. It means that in the way you deal with your children you will always seek to be like the one whose glory you are promoting. The same applies to all relationships in life. We will seek to promote and “hollow” His name.

Likewise in all work relationships and in all other spheres of human interaction you will want people who deal with you, to see God in you and see a glimpse of how wonderful He is. Sometimes we say we need to be “Christlike” – like Christ. Christ was like God and if we are like Him, we will glorify God and hollow His name.

We also include in this prayer that all the world with its wars, sickness, hostilities and sadnesses will finally “hallow” God’s name. How is this ever going to happen? It will happen when Jesus returns and then God’s wonderful new world order is established. Then all will be new. All evil will be cast out and all tears will be wiped from our eyes.

But until that happens – we pray this prayer and seek to answer our own prayers by honouring God in all we do.