Luke 11 vs 9 & 10. “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.”

These are familiar words and have often been used to apply to a variety of life’s circumstances, for they contain kernels of truth that apply to all of life

But what did Jesus mean when he uttered these words? Remember, the subject so far has been prayer and yesterday we were reminded of the quality of persistence that is needed in our dealings with God. But this persistence is not required because God is reluctant, or unwilling to hear our prayers. Quite the contrary as we will see.

The asking, seeking and knocking referred to in the verse above are once again indications of that persistence that is required in spiritual matters. The persistence Jesus calls for indicates an attitude of mind that places a value on the things asked for. It shows that the required objective in prayer is deeply desired. But what is this great objective that controls all our prayers. What is this chief desire? If you read Luke 11 vs 11-13 you will see that the great object of prayer is for God to give us the Holy Spirit. This is amazing because most of us tend to think of prayer as asking for things to make life more bearable. But here Jesus is saying something quite different. To be given the Holy Spirit is to be given God Himself. It means to have that relationship with God which would enable us to know Him and walk with Him each day. With the Holy Spirit comes a strong desire to live a Godly life and do the right thing. The Holy Spirit brings discernment and wisdom to us. It means in fact what we mean when we talk about being a Christian with a new nature.

The greatest desire we should all have is to know God. This all-encompassing desire embraces everything we do or experience in life. To have the Holy Spirit is like having a new grid through which we see life.

And see what Jesus says? Your Father in heaven is not reluctant, but more than willing to give you this blessing than earthly fathers are to feed their families. He will feed your hungry heart with Himself.

So pray through the Lord’s Prayer regularly. But remember at the heart of all things should be the desire to be part of God’s Kingdom. So ask, seek, knock. Make a noise at the throne. Do not give up and your Father will gladly give you the Holy Spirit, the new life, a new relationship with Him – if you value that above all things.