Luke 10 v 20. However do not rejoice that the spirit submits to you, but rejoice that your names are written in Heaven.

The seventy disciples return from their missionary trip with wonder and joy. “Lord, even the demons submit to us in your name.” After the Holy Spirit is given at Pentecost and after the ascension of our Lord, this great power and victory of Christ would bring a crescendo of joy to the church worldwide. The significance of Christ’s ascension would mean that amongst other things, “angels and authorities and powers were made subject to Him” – 1Peter 3 v 22. Read Paul’s great words in Ephesians 1 v 20 – 22

These early victories over the devil pointed forward to the final victory which the Lord Jesus Christ would win on the cross.

As Christians, we still need to wage war against spiritual forces on a daily basis.  We also need to contend against the wiles of the devil, but the outcome is settled. And Jesus expresses it, the way he does in this text – Satan fell from Heaven.


How wonderful that Jesus should give assurance of victory to his disciples before the dreadful events of his suffering and death. But there are still many trials ahead for those who follow him. The secret of joy is not that we overcome all enemies, but that we are saved. Our names are written above. If we were not sure of this great fact, we would not be able to rejoice at all.