Luke 12 v 57. “Why don‘t you judge for yourself what is right?


The underlying theme of the last two chapters of Luke’s gospel has been the pending judgement of God. This theme is now carried on into the verses before us today. The time that separates our present moment of existence with that coming moment of eternal judgement, is very short. Soon we will face God’s high court and notice how long the court’s sentence is in verse 59.


We should remember, of course, that our Lord was speaking to Jewish hearers at this particular point in their history, when they were about to finally deny their Messiah, but the underlying principles apply to all of us. The most pressing lesson Jesus wanted to drive home is that judgment is imminent, and Jesus called the crowds hypocrites, for pretending to see it was not so. They could interpret the signs of nature about rain or heat, how could they not discern what was going on in front of their very own eyes?


To start with there was a growing hostility against him by some of their leading religious leaders. Remember that Jesus had already accused them of being a people who persecute their prophets (Luke 11 verses 47 – 51). Everybody could see how things were going to go. Already Jesus had been accused of being in league with the devil (Luke 11 v 15) – a very serious charge. This and many other accusations and confrontations would eventually lead to charges against him, his arrest, and finally his execution. So when the south wind blows, you know it will be scorching hot. You know what the outcome will be. See what happens when the mood of the people is so volatile and hostile to Jesus, it is easy for anyone to see how it was going to end.


Someone greater than Solomon and someone greater than Jonah has appeared. Jesus was the One of whom all the prophets spoke. These hearers needed to do something before it was too late. Their case against Jesus was empty and futile, but God’s case against them and their rejection of Jesus was very strong. They needed to do something before it was too late.


Time! How quickly it dissipates. Before we know it the children have grown and we are old. Time! How quickly it passes. Before we know it all the old feelings of responsiveness to the gospel are gone, because we never took our opportunity. Now there is nothing except maybe a memory of a day gone by.


Try hard to be reconciled to your enemy, said Jesus. But sadly, for many, they did not try at all and time is up!