photo 49Luke 22 v 34. “Jesus answered, “I tell you, Peter, before the cock crows today, you will deny three times that you know me.”

Sometimes we are very slow to learn. Often we are filled with confidence, when we ought to be treading carefully. It was like that with Peter when Jesus spoke to him about his faith failing.

In fact Jesus went further and indicated that Simon would indeed fail but that he would eventually turn back, and then he should go and strengthen his brothers (v 32).

Simon could not understand this and that is because sometimes we do not know our own hearts. Our hearts are always deceiving us. Sometimes they tell us we will not fail; sometimes they tell us we may fail but not too badly. Seldom do they tell us we will fail and fail miserably.

So Simon protests and explains how devoted he is to the Lord (v 33). Although most of us today would be careful to make this boast, there is nevertheless a brand of Christianity out there today where astonishing claims are made in the name of Christ, and little heed is taken to the weakness of human nature.

Jesus warns Simon of the coming disaster (v 34). The sign of the rooster crowing will serve a double purpose. It will at that time be a signal to Simon that he has indeed failed, but at the same time it will serve as the means for bringing Simon back to repentance.

Christ’s reference to this event becomes firmly embedded in Simon’s mind, so that at the appropriate moment, this hidden memory surfaces and pulls Simon back into the fold.

None of us would ever want to throw stones at Simon, for we all know how often we ourselves have failed. How wonderful it was that at the same time he was warned by Jesus, he was also given hope. And that hope is our hope too. , Our Saviour knows our weakness and notwithstanding our human frailty and sinfulness is always willing to restore us as we repent.

Perhaps someone needs restoring today.