Luke 6 vs 39. “He also told them this parable. ‘Can a blind man lead a blind man? Will they not both fall into a pit?’”

Here is a threefold parable based on eyesight. First Jesus refers to a man who has no sight at all but is totally blind. Yet he may profess to lead or teach others. Such were many of the religious leaders of Jesus’ day. Many of the Pharisees had groups of disciples whom they taught daily. Some of these Pharisees were known for their wisdom and insight while others were totally unimportant. But as we know they often objected to Jesus, argued with him and often revealed their great ignorance. Ignorance is another word for ‘blindness’. They understood the rules and the traditions but had no idea regarding the coming of the Kingdom of God in Jesus Christ. They were the blind leading the blind.

What is the inevitable outcome? They both fall into a pit. Nothing but a dreary and hopeless end to the people who walk in ignorance. This is what we often experience in our own day when we listen to some preachers, politicians or philosophers. There is obviously no light in them. They will all perish together.

That is why the second part of this parable is important: “A student is not above his teacher”. The student can rise no higher than what he has been taught. That is why the disciples needed the teaching of Jesus. They in turn would need to teach others.

This has a bearing on us and the Churches we attend, the books we read and the people we listen to. Do they have light in them? Are you blessed and enlightened by listening to them? Do they lift you up and lead you closer to God and His Word?

But even more dangerous is the man who can see but not clearly. He can see the specks of sawdust in the others’ eyes, but not the whole beam in his own. He is always pointing out other people’s faults but cannot see that he himself has major blocks of ignorance and pride to repent of. He can see only what is wrong in others, but not in himself. Jesus described this person as a ‘hypocrite’ (v 42).

Dear friend, do not be content to be taught by those who are spiritually blind, judgemental and legalistic. The truth must be imparted by people of the truth.

Let us all be ever ready to share the Gospel of light and truth with others, but always humbly, aware of how often we miss the beam in our own eye.