Matthew 6 v 9 This is how you should pray: Our Father in Heaven

Why bother to pray, anyway? After all the universe is so big, the world we live in is so huge and busy, things happening all the time, I am so small, God is so great and so remote. Is there any value in praying?


Hold on there. You have just touched on a major reason why we Christians should pray – the greatness of our Father in Heaven. Firstly, remember that although everything is so big and in our world so messy, and we are so small, it is nevertheless true that Jesus told us to call God “Father”. No other religion calls their deity “Father”. This is a very unique appellation to give to God. The very word “Father” conjures up a picture of human relationships. I know that for many the only picture they have of a father is a dismal one, but that is not an excuse to blame God for the bad things some weak and pathetic earthly father did. God stands as Father in the great, eternal and true sense of the Word. He loves His children, even you with all your doubts.


And remember that this Father we pray to is not non-existent or dead, or powerless. He is IN HEAVEN. This means He is in the place of ultimate control. He rules all things and is in a most sovereign way working out all His plans and strategies for our world, in spite of the fact that things seem to be so contrary to what we think should take place if He is in control. The thing to remember is that when the mess is done with, God’s great future Kingdom in all its reality will be revealed and guess what! Little old you and I will be part of it. All of our present insignificance will fade away and we will see the journey we have traveled with new eyes and we will be in awe at how God prepared us now for what is to come. So cheer up. It’s worth being a Christian, it’s worth having a hope, the likes of which no one else can give us. Let’s keep praying to our Father in Heaven.


Prayer O God, I praise you that you are in Heaven. You are in control. Forgive me for doubting it. Please lift my spirit so that I may live before you with joy. Amen