Matthew 6 v 5 But when you pray do not be like the hypocrites

Having made the point that true prayer to God is based on a relationship with God, it is nevertheless true that for many of us prayer can still be a frustrating experience. Sometimes it seems that the Heavens are like brass. We just cannot seem to get through. Why is that? In Matthew chapter 6 Jesus gives us some clues, but it is worth saying that we should remember that Jesus does not tell us everything we need to know about prayer, anymore that He tells us everything we need to know about other practical subjects such as money, or divorce, for instance. He gives us basic principles and it is up to us to search the scriptures for more information.


Yet for all that Jesus does give us some clues about why the Heavens seem as brass for us at times. One of these occasions is when we play the hypocrite. Some of the religious establishments of Jesus’ day went to ridiculous lengths to show how divided they were by showy acts of prayer and devotion. But Jesus said they do this “to be seen by men”.

In the same way hypocrisy in our lives can prevent us from enjoying a true and unfettered relationship with God. We are all fallen, imperfect people and often we come before God messed up in some way or another. That is not what I am referring to here as hypocrisy. I am rather referring to the hidden unrepentant sins that clog up the works for us.

We have all met people who seem very advanced spiritually only after a while to be exposed as hypocrites and a disappointment to the Christian faith. Now that particular person so exposed was not committing his or her sin only at that point of exposure. No! They were doing it all along while they were going to Church and prayer meetings. It was a cover eating away inside them. They took these things with them when they called upon God. No wonder the Heavens were like brass. Let not that person think they will receive anything from God. First repent, then pray.


Prayer O God, you who see all hearts, and see mine as well. Please preserve me from hypocrisy. Please forgive my sins in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen