daily bread

Mark 6:20

“When Herod heard John he was greatly puzzled, yet he liked to hear him.”


Some people are attracted to the great ideas of the Gospel, like Herod was to the teachings of John. They may construe that as being a true follower of Christ. The power of God’s great love for the world, the coming of Jesus, His wonderful teachings, His selfless example and then His death on the Cross are deep and profound ideas. But sadly for some their “conversion” goes no deeper than that. They embrace the ideas, the drama, the great moving sentiment of the Cross, but not the Saviour Himself. Thus they remain mired in spiritual confusion.


Herod was not the only one in scripture who liked to listen to the truth, but was not converted to it. In Acts 24 & 25 the Roman governor Felix also listened attentively to Paul as he discoursed on righteousness, self-control and judgement to come. But Felix was afraid and said: “That’s enough for now”. Many people are like that. Fascinated by all the Gospel ideas until it gets too close for comfort, they say: “That’s enough for now”.


All the sympathy in the world, for Christian ideas and aspirations is not enough. You must embrace Christ Himself. He must take over your whole life or else there will be no true conversion and thus no true hope of eternal life.



Dear Lord, please help me beyond being merely always interested or fascinated by your message. Please give me the true salvation experience I desperately need.