Luke 11 v 34. “Your eye is the lamp of your body. When your eyes are good, your whole body also is full of light. But when they are bad, your body also is full of darkness.”


If we are going to believe the evidence about Jesus, then that evidence must be allowed to enter a man. We all have the facility of perception. It is this particular facility of perception which Jesus calls the body’s eye. Jesus said that this particular ability functions as a lamp in a dark house. If the lamp functions properly the house is filled with light. If the lamp were hidden or covered over, the whole place remains dark. This is the reason why there was no repentance among the people Jesus spoke to, as mentioned in yesterday’s blog.


It works like that with us, in the realm of spiritual understanding. If we are open and honest and allow the light of the evidence to be put before us, then we will come to a certain conclusion. But if we are obstinate and filled with our own views and personal agendas, then this ability, this facility of perception becomes clouded with evil desires, prejudices and stubborn refusal to face up to the evidence honestly.


When that happens then no matter how clear the evidence is, the light will never be permitted to illuminate the mind or enlighten the personality.


So fallen and sinful are we that the very facility God has given us, the gift of discernment, whose function it is to allow the light to enter our minds, now becomes an instrument that distorts the light so we do not get the full picture, and it keeps the light out altogether.


Can you see how hard it is for people to become Christians? The hardness of the human heart in spite of clear evidence, is immense. That is why it takes a miracle of Sovereign Grace for anybody to become a Christian. And that miracle takes place on a daily basis in the lives of thousands around the world.


It happened to you!


It can happen also to those for whom you pray.