Exodus 20 v 7. You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God.


I want to turn once more, finally, to these words for today’s reflection. I urge you to consider the meaning of these words again. Any behaviour that is not consistent with godly living means that God’s name is being misused. Thus I plead with all true believers to be what you say you are. Notwithstanding our many weaknesses and failures, to which we are all prone, let us as Christians determine to display the goodness, the compassion, the love of Jesus to all who cross our paths. Be genuine in all you do.


Do not lose your temper, do not shout or swear at people. That is not how your Master was. It is a negation of what you believe.


Do not lie or deceive people. The Lord Jesus took as one of His titles “THE TRUTH” (John 14:6). He was always honest, transparent and up front with people. So should we be. Lies only make life more complicated than it is and they all inevitably are found out.


Do not hit people. Do not hurt or engage in physical violence. How dare we! People are created in God’s image and apart from self-defence or defence of family we have no right to hurt anyone. This is especially true of husbands and wives. We are not to engage in domestic abuse of any kind whether it be verbal or physical. How can anyone take your faith seriously if your partner is wilting under a barrage of insults, or if there are bruises and black eyes to be seen in public?


Always be sincere both in your dealings with people and in your relationship with the Lord. Let people be at ease with you and be trustworthy and dependable in all your relationships.


Keep the flag flying for the Lord Jesus Christ.


Prayer: O God. Please forgive my sins and overrule all my mistakes. Please give me sincerity of heart and a transparency in all my relationships. Above all please keep me faithful to you. Amen