vineyard and mountain

Exodus 20 v 17. You shall not commit adultery.


Other people’s marriages are also safeguarded by this commandment. The implication of these words is that no one has the right to jeopardise anyone else’s marriage by enticing or corrupting someone else’s partner. The devastation and the heartache of a broken marriage is terrible to behold. The framework of trust with which we live and relate to each other is very fragile. Once that is broken life can become a literal nightmare. So if you are thinking about having an affair – don’t! If you are attracted to someone at work when you are already married – stop it immediately! Apart from the heartache that will descend into your home, you will also bring severe consequences onto yourself. Read the warning given in Proverbs 3:7-13.


But note also that if we are to honour other people’s marriages, so should we honour the future marriages of people who are not yet married. What does this mean? It means that a marriage that has yet to take place should not be ruined by frivolous relationships, seduction of young men and women, and one-night stands or short-term relationships.


To live righteously especially in the matter of sexuality is to deliver your own soul and conscience from unnecessary baggage. It adds to your own sense of well-being when you know you have avoided the tempter’s trap and chosen to walk the pathway of light. I know it may be hard to understand this but when we maintain God’s standards in our private lives it actually helps to build up the strength of our communities and the fabric of our society too. As someone once said – What is a nation? It is hundreds of little families living as neighbours.


Let’s build our families – not break them down.


Meditation: If you are married with children, gather all your family around you tonight and pray for them, thanking God for His great gift to you. If you are single, ask God to give you a family in His good time. If you are divorced thank God He does not discriminate against you because you are divorced but loves you. Ask Him for a second chance and for grace to raise whatever family you may have.