Exodus 20 v 17. Do not commit adultery.


One of the most common lies perpetrated by the secular media is the notion that Christians are either hypocrites in the matter of sexual adultery, or that they are out of date, old-fashioned and uptight about it. No doubt both of these could be true of some Christians but it is not the Christian norm.


The entire thrust of biblical teaching in this particular regard is to highlight the enjoyment of legitimate sexual behaviour. In Proverbs 5:18 we read: “let your fountain be blessed and rejoice with the wife of your youth”. One only needs to read the Song of Solomon intelligently to understand the delight, enjoyment and ecstasy with which the bible views sex.


Thus the bible sets forth as the norm for Christian marriage, a healthy enjoyable sex life. The biblical view is that marriage and marital sex is heterosexual and forbids all forms of deviancy whether homosexual or heterosexual. In this way God protects this joyful activity so that it remains private and special.


Although there are instances of polygamy in scriptures, they are not the norm and the bible’s understanding of marriage is one woman, one man for life – until death parts them. So let’s maintain this standard. Protect your marriage at all costs which may mean there are some things you need to sort out immediately. Don’t start your day with a cloud over your family. Sort things out now.


Meditation: Don’t give the devil a foothold. Shut the door on him. Eat humble pie and apologise to each other. Be right with God and embrace each other.