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Many people insist today that Christians do not live under law. But this is true insofar as salvation is concerned. We no longer try to gain or merit our salvation by heeding laws. It does not work.


Thus Christians do not look for salvation by keeping the Ten Commandments, because we know we cannot earn salvation. It is a gift of God’s Grace given to us by God because Christ died on the Cross for us.


But nevertheless there is still a spiritual code by which we live. We still live by God’s law in a spiritual and a moral sense. When we reflect on the Ten Commandments we see that they reflect our attitude of love to God first and also to our neighbour. When we become Christians we have the Holy Spirit indwelling us guiding us and helping us. What kind of life does He guide us into? When we think about it, it is exactly a life that demonstrates the principles God has given to us in the Ten Commandments.


If I state it in summary form as follows you will see that God’s Law is simply another way of describing what it means to live as a Christian believer.


· Is God your God?


· Are you worshipping Him in the way in which He has revealed to us?


· Is your life dominated by this great God of heaven and earth, in the knowledge that you live under His eye?


· Do you wear the badge of discipleship openly by worshipping Him openly?


· Are you willing to live under God’s authority and all other authority He has decreed in this world?


· Are you willing to care for your neighbour in such a way that you will protect him physically, and look after his physical well-being?


· Are you willing to abide by God’s Word and live a life of purity and morality?


· Are you willing to care for your neighbour in such a way that you will help to look after his property – not take it away from him?


· Are you willing to always treat your neighbour honestly and never tell lies about him or bear false witness against him?


· Are you willing to live in such a way that your heart will be controlled in such a way that inner passions that give rise to discontent and unhappiness will be laid at the foot of the cross to be crucified and buried forever?


This is the pathway of Christian living but none of these things can be true unless God has become your God and Christ has become your Saviour.



Well, is God your God? Are there some things you have to change in the way you live? Will you make these changes? Will you truly live the life of a Christian and strive to bring glory to Christ?