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Consider Christ Now

Acts 16:31

“Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved – you and your household”.


Now read carefully. If the seven principles listed in the past days are not adhered to there really is no hope for your marriage. You can put things off for a while and struggle through a few more years but if you or your spouse continue to flout the principles outlined above it will end in heartache and tears.


You may have read yesterday’s comment but thought you would put it off again. But there is no time to waste. Today is the day of salvation.


If you both heed the call to turn to the Lord Jesus Christ everything, and I mean everything, can change. It may not all be instantaneous, but a new principle will take root within you both. A seed of life will be planted and it will bear the fruit of the Gospel as you both repent, turn to God, believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and grow in His Word.


Do you want to go this route or not? Both of you need this great Saviour. If one of you does not want Him it may have consequences for your marriage but even if only one of you wants Christ – take Him, turn to Him because you will need Him whether your marriage works out or not. However, if both of you turn to Him what great hope there is for the future! I understand that some people may not know how to start on the pathway to Christ and the hope He brings, so let me suggest you make the following prayer your prayer of commitment to Christ. Say it either individually or better still together. Here it is. Remember this may be your first great step into a new life.


Almighty God

We come before you as sinners and failures

We have harmed each other and our marriage.

We have offended you by our selfishness

And our bad behaviour.

We have no excuses to offer.

Rather we turn to Jesus Christ

Who died to save us.

We have nothing to offer

So we put our trust in Him

And Him only.

Please forgive us

And help us to forgive each other.

Heal our wounds.

Help us to put our marriage together.

Bless our children

Who have been hurt by our behaviour.

For Jesus’ sake please give us a fresh start.

Accept us as your children.

Help us to live for YOU from today onwards.

We thank you for hearing us.