2 Corinthians 5:21

“God made Him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in Him we might become the righteousness of God.”


True Christians do not merely believe in Jesus Christ. Even other religions believe that he existed and did certain extraordinary things. Rather it is who Jesus is and what He accomplished for us in which we place our trust. Today’s bible verse tells us things about that which constitutes true salvation.


Firstly, in some wonderful way our sins were attributed to Christ who himself had no sin of his own. So He dies in the place of each and every one of us carrying our sin and guilt before God. He was our substitute.


Secondly, when we trust in Him we are put IN HIM. This is a way of indicating the profound intimacy that God allows us to have with Himself through His Son Jesus Christ. Being in him means that all that Christ is, we are before God.


Thirdly, we are given a righteousness that belongs to God. That means that there is now about us, a right standing before God that is equal to that which belongs to Jesus.


Fourthly, behind it all there lies the hand of our sovereign and gracious God. We deserve and merit nothing of this. We have no rights before God. He is not obligated to save us and give us these privileges. It is His own sovereign love and grace that constrains him.


Do you believe these things about Jesus? That He died for us, carried our guilt? Made it possible to know God? Do you  believe it? Then have you actually turned to him and embraced Him, trusted Him as your own great Saviour? You say you are not sure? Then do it now.


Prayer: Lord God, now at this moment I turn from merely hearing and knowing these things and by faith I accept what Christ has done, as done for me. Please help my weak faith in Jesus Name. Amen