debbie 1

Mark 10:20

“Teacher”, he declared” all these I have kept since I was a boy.”


Sometimes confusion reigns in people’s hearts, regarding conversion to Christ because, like this young man who came to Jesus in Mark 10, He, like many had been under good influences since he was a boy.


For many people a good church background, Sunday Schools, Church activities and a church upbringing may lead them to believe that they are in fact Christians. While all these privileges are to be valued, we must remember that they in and of themselves do not mean we are Christians ourselves. We may be merely nominal believers and when we hear the ardency and the reality in the way others speak about Christ, we become very confused. It is true that some may be truly converted to Christ without having had that one moment of specific experience that marks it out for us. But it is also true that sometimes we can simply be presumptuous and assume we are Christians because we have never known anything else. Do not say: “When I was young ……”. Rather say: “I do not know for sure whether I am a Christian, but I want to be sure”. Then ask God to have mercy on you now, and save you now.




Almighty God. I do feel confused about my spiritual state. But now I come to you once and for all to ask you in Jesus name to forgive my sins and accept me into your family. Take away all confusion and please give me assurance of your great salvation.