foggy night

Matthew 6:23

“If then the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness”


The light within you is the dynamic which constitutes your greatest value. It is that standard by which you govern your life, make your decisions, think your thoughts and shape your world view. It is the belief system that you hold to and the vision of life you have that forms the grid through which you view the world.

But what if you are wrong?


What was Hitler’s “light”, the cherished vision he had that guided him? Was he right or wrong?

What about all the corrupt people we know who frantically work for their own selfish and dishonest ends to the detriment of others? They see life through a grid. They have an inward treasure to which they cling. They have a “light” by which they view life. Are they right or wrong?


And what about the neighbour you know who beats his family, or the child abusers, child traffickers and drug pushers? Is their light also wrong?


No doubt it is. But what makes your light right? Your new life is a certain way. Your “light”, or understanding makes you view God, Christ and the Christian message in a certain way. You may think others need Christianity but according   to your “light” you see no need of it for yourself. What if you are wrong?


There is no greater darkness than that which grips the mind of a person and transforms itself into a “light” which makes that person insensible to biblical and spiritual truths.


Just think about it. What if you are wrong?



O Lord, have mercy. Grant light and understanding to those who are closed-minded and hard-hearted. Help us all in our stubbornness, to repent and change.  Draw us to Jesus.